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(Bobby Tate)

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I'm a Software Developer living and working in Nashville, TN.

I made Quick Wins With Code because I wanted to create a place where I could quickly share things I've learned about coding with others. I love when a programming concept "clicks", so I'm trying to pass that feeling on. 😊

Get back to the articles. Shame me for not writing more often.

I have experience with:

HTML / CSS / Sass / BEM / JavaScript (ES5 / ES6) / Node / Express / React / Redux / Redux-Saga / React Native / Gatsby / Jest / Firebase / Apollo / GraphQL / Webpack / Babel / Python / Django / Pytest / Ruby on Rails / Freemarker / Docker / Optimizely / AWS Lambda / AWS Kinesis / AWS API Gateway / Redis / MySQL / Heroku / Netlify / GoCD / Amazon Cloudfront / Magnolia CMS
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( Just a few right now. I spend most of my time developing stuff for Asurion. )


A Command Line Tool for Dungeon Masters.

Check it out on npm

Django Task Manager

An app using Django as a REST API with a Sqlite Database, using React with Bootstrap and Reactstrap as the client, and using docker-compose to spin up multiple containers for local development.

Download it from Github

Blog App

A Node.js application using React, Express, MySQL, Passport, Bcrypt, Stripe, Mailgun, and Bootstrap.

Check out the site

A Walk Down Memory Lane

My first personal website - when I was fresh out of a code school in the summer of 2018.

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